My Best Bud

Vet Formulated Premium Whole Flower Concentrate for Animal Receptors Delivering RELIEF NOT A HIGH.


My Best Bud is a best-in-class creator and manufacturer of scientifically formulated, pharmaceutical grade, cannabis-derived health and wellness products specifically formulated and designed ONLY for animals.

Our two-and-a-half years of Research and Development with leading veterinary medicine specialists prior to going to market in 2017, have resulted not only in effective, uniform, and consistent products, but a highly praised and recommended medicine among the wider medical community.

The product lines reflect the company’s core mission to help improve each pet’s quality of life and the belief that scientific research and advancements in cannabis-derived pet medicine can successfully treat arthritis, neurologic disease, anxiety, seizures, tumors, spinal or brain trauma and other health conditions.

Each pet requires the Right Ratio of CBD to THC because cannabis is individualized medicine NOT one-size-fits-all. My Best Bud ratios were formulated by veterinarians specifically for dog and cat receptors to deliver RELIEF NOT A HIGH.

We take the guesswork out of deciding which ratio is right for your pet with a QR code and a proprietary algorithm on our website: