small batch. estate grown. 2017.

Abel 1980, Benetowa 1936, Bennett 2010, Ringgren 1973, Sayce 1880

In ancient Sumeria there was a sacred tree, the Kiskanu Tree, whose branches were used in ritual sprinklings. It is believed to have been the Biblical “Tree of Life” in the Garden of Eden. The name of the tree, “Kiskanu”, serves as our connection between the Tree of Life and Cannabis. The Kiskanu tree was the central point of various rites. A holy grove in the temple is mentioned.

The second part of the name of this notable tree, “kanu” has phonetic similarities with the early names for Cannabis, through the linguistic root “an”, which is found in various cannabis related words; such as the ancient Sanskrit name for hemp “kana”, or “kene”, Persian “canna”, and the original Assyro-Babylonia name for hemp “kannab”, later becoming “qunubu”.