Care in the fields. Craft in the kitchen. Your experience, exalted.

Our team includes people with years of experience at companies like Apple and TCHO. Our approach to making chocolate hinges on exacting standards, shaped by decades of work at companies that demand the best.

Défoncé Chocolatier takes cannabis-infused chocolates to new heights. Drawing upon years of chocolate-making experience by veteran artisans, as well as single-origin cannabis grown by one of California’s most innovative and responsible farmers, Défoncé offers the best-tasting, most impeccable infused chocolate in California. The care and attention goes beyond chocolate-making and cannabis growing. Our single-origin, craft-forward cannabis undergoes the cleanest, most gentle extraction process available, and our chocolatiers source ingredients from partners that hew to high levels of commitment and sustainability. Défoncé is not just another infused chocolate bar. It is the gold standard.