Continuum: Policy and Compliance

10 May 2019 / By Continuum

Next week a variety of cannabis policy will be heard in both the Senate and Assembly Appropriations’ Committees.

Continuum distributes over 25 brands of cannabis products to medical and adult use dispensaries across California. In the near future SB 475 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill would allow distributors to provide a certain number of free trade samples to dispensaries, create a clear procedure for the designation of cannabis goods as trade samples, incorporate those samples into the state’s track and trace program, and finally would exempt those samples from cannabis taxes – as they will not be sold to consumers.


Currently in California, cannabis companies lack a clear and professionalized process for providing trade samples, forcing licensees to finance expensive multi-license structures or place an over-reliance on personal use loopholes that were never intended for core business practices. Continuum is a proud sponsor of SB 475.

We are a proud sponsor of SB 475.


Please contact Continuum’s Policy and Compliance Director for information on how to weigh-in and learn more about potential cannabis policy being heard by the State Legislature. Tim can be reached by email at

Compliance tip from Tim: “Many temporary licenses are expiring. Make sure your annual applications are completed and filed with the state agency which regulates your license. Be sure to respond quickly to any inquiries from regulators regarding your state license.”